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Brokerage and Consulting

Here at Charlotte Customshouse Brokers, we offer knowledgeable and efficient brokerage and transportation logistics. We are an independent brokerage firm started in 2004, committed to providing outstanding customer service and support at a reasonable cost. No matter which port your cargo arrives, we provide customs clearance service from our office in Charlotte, NC using Remote Location Filing (RLF) procedures.

Our Services

Our Servuces
Consulting Services

Need help understanding import formalities and customs regulations?


We are here to help.

Freight Forwarding

Need help arranging international transportation for ocean or air shipments? We have the expertise and  knowledge in the industry to locate 3rd party companies to help complete your entire importation process.

Household & Personal Shipments

We handle Customs clearance for almost all types of shipments, whether commercial or individual. Fill out the contact form below to begin your process!

Domestic Transportation

Once your shipment arrives, our team can arrange the final delivery with our network of domestic trucking companies.  

Becoming a Client

It is our desire to educate our clients on Customs formalities as we begin the process of working together. We want to partner with you to help grow your business by ensuring timely processing and regulation compliance.  

Importer Security Filing

ISF, also known as 10+2, must be filed on all ocean shipments. We assist clients by timely filing ISF information when received.


Click below for ISF Form. 


“Thank you for taking the time to explain the import process.  I had no idea what was involved and appreciated the guidance."


We're ready to assist you.

Complete the information below or reach out to our office directly for more information.

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